Canon XJ86Xs II 2/3” B4 box lens W/ Rear studio controls and lens Sled

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Used in good condition Canon XJ86Xs Mark II 2/3” B4 box lens with 2X extender. The lens has a standard 2/3” B4 mount so it can be used with virtually any Sony or Panasonic 2/3” SD or HD camera. The lens is in good shape with perfectly clean and scratch/pits free optics on both sides and it's one of the fastest box lens available today with F/1.4. The zoom movement is smooth with no bumps while zooming in or out. This is Type II lens with much better Image stabilization than regular XJ86 IS lens.
This system is complete and ready to be used at a church, university, or at a stadium.

The kit includes:  

-  Canon XJ86Xs Mark II 2/3” B4 box lens 
- Canon  Digital Servo zoom demand with cable
- Manual focus demand with cable
- Canon ZDJ-D02 zoom servo
- Canon Manual focus module
- Lens sled for Sony or Panasonic cameras with 12pin cable.

This lens was used to broadcast sporting events on a national TV with Sony HD cameras, but it can also be used in other scenarios, such as at a church or university. The lens also comes equipped with a 2x extender for double magnification.

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