Sony RCP-1000 remote control panel for HDC/HSC/BVP cameras W/ 7’ cable

Regular price $1,449.00

Sony RCP-751 remote control panel, specifically designed for the HDC/HSC/BVP series professional cameras such as HDC-1500, HDC-950 HDC-1000 HDC-930 HDC-910, and other HDC/HSC/BVP system cameras. It connects via the CCU/HDCU-series camera control unit or directly to the cameras listed above. The remote can be used up to 656" (200 m) away, making it useful in a variety of applications.

The 7 feet cable that will allow you to connect the unit to the camera  will be included so you can start using the device as soon as you get it.

 Condition: Used

The remote was fully tested, no problems were found.