SONY HVR-M25AU HD Digital Recorder/Player M25AU NTSC / PAL W progressive mode

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This Sony HVR-M25AU HD progressive mode Deck is in very good condition with some light scratches on the top of the unit from regualr use and relatively low hours. This is much better version of a Sony deck than its predecessor HVR-M25U. It was used and maintained by a professional videographer. This will be perfect companion to your HVR-Z7U or HVR-S270U camera. You will also be able to transfer your old MiniDv or DvCam tapes to your computer.
 All of the components on this deck have been tested and are in perfect working order including the Firewire and HDMI ports.  All of the pictures are of the actual items being sold. The item includes 30-Day Warranty. 
Drum Hours = 78X10
-         Sony HVR-M25AU HD Recorder/Player W. Progressive mode
-         Power cable 
-         One new Minidv tape
Missing 3 small rubber caps for volume controls. It doesn't affect the functionality!

Technical Details

  • Multiple Formats: The deck is capable of playing back DV, DVCAM and HDV signals for added versatility. It can convert a 1080i signal to 720p for broadcast delivery along with down conversion to standard definition
  • LCD Monitoring: Footage can be viewed directly with the HVR-M25AU's on board LCD screen which doubles as an on-board menu system. The high contrast 2.5" panel is located directly below the tape transport for easy access and monitoring
  • Extended Record Times: The deck can support standard size cassettes for extended record times. Archiving and long run time projects can be recorded with ease. Record up to 276 minutes of HDV or DV footage and up to 184 of DVCAM footage on one tape
  • Auto-Repeat: Presentations will benefit from the auto-repeat function. The deck will automatically start a video over again when this option is on. Simply set the deck up and let it do the rest
  • NTSC/PAL Switchable: The VTR can move between recording NTSC and PAL standard definition signals. This added flexibility can be important when mastering for different regions