Lectrosonics UCR-411A Receiver and SMA Transmitter Block 25 please read!

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This preowned UHF Lectrosonics UCR411A/SMA Block 25 kit. Both the receiver and the transmitter are working fine with no problems whatsoever. This kit comes with everything you see in the pictures. You will be able to start using this item as soon as you receive it.  All of the components on this receiver have been tested and are in perfect working order. The item includes a 30-day warranty. 
The frequency range is between 640.0MHz - 665.5 MHz, It is intended for use outside the US!

-     Lectrosonics UCR411A Receiver (block 25)

-       Lectrosonics SMA transmitter 

-       13.5V power supply
-       Two block 25 antennas