Fujinon ZA22X7.6BERM M-58 2/3" HD lens W/ Rear studio controls, 2X extender

Regular price $5,949.00

used in very good condition Fujinon ZA22X7.6BERM M58 HD Zoom Lens With 2X extender for Sony and Panasonic B4 mount cameras such as PDW-F900, PDW-F800, AG-HPX500, AG-HPX600, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3700 PMW-500. This lens is listed online for $25,000.
The lens is:
- Mechanically Perfect (the focus, zoom, and iris all move smoothly from end to end)
- Optically Excellent (there are no scratches, pits or any kinds of marks on either end)
The Fujinon Drive Unit is both mechanically and electronically perfect.
All pictures displayed are of the items being sold. The item includes a 30-Day warranty. 
-   Fujinon ZA22X7.6BERM M-58 HD 2/3” lens for Panasonic and Sony professional cameras
-   Fujinon 12Pin zoom control with speed adjustment knob
-   Fujinon Focus module Fm-B6
-   Rear lens cap
-   Fujinon Front lens cover