Fujinon AH66X9.5 B4 box lens with lens sled Servo zoom and Servo focus controls

Regular price $8,199.00

used in very good condition Fujinon AH66X9FESM SD box lens with 2X extender. The lens has a standard 2/3” B4 mount so it can be used with virtually any Sony or Panasonic 2/3” camera. The glass on both sides is in very good condition without scratches or anything that can effect the image quality. It may have a couple microscopic dust particles inside the glass which is totally normal for a such a large lens.

The kit includes: 
AH66X9.5FESM box lens with 2X extender
Fujinon  Servo zoom rear control
Fujinon Servo focus rear control
- Fujinon servo focus module
- Fujinon servo zoom module
- Fujinon “Y” cable for rear controls
- Front cap
- Rear cap
- Very nice aluminum hard case
- Custom made Lens supporter/sled 
This lens was used inside the Tv studio with Sony cameras, but it can also be used in other scenarios, such as at a church, music event or university. The lens also comes equipped with a 2x extender for double magnification. 
For extra $2K you can have a heavy duty tripod with dolly and an older Vinten head. Please ask if you need pictures of the tripod.