Fujinon A55X9.3B 2/3” Box lens with 2X extender, full servo rear controls, sled

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Used Fujinon A55X9.3 B4 SD Box lens with a 2X extender with the full servo Focus and Zoom controls, ready to be used at a church, university, inside the studio or at a stadium with SD or HD cameras .

The glass on the box lens is free of scratches on bot ends. There a couple of microscopic dust particles inside the glass elements (close to edges). Nothing that will affect the picture in any way. 

The lens is connected to virtually every Sony or Panasonic 2/3” B4 mount camera trough the 12Pin cable


-    Fujinon A55X9.3 2/3” B4 mount BESM SD lens 

-  2 X Fujinon ESM-51 servo modules 

- 1X Fujinon Electronic Zoom and 2X extender control with zoom speed control 

-   1X Fujinon EPD-12C Electronic servo focus control

-   Tripod plate 

-    12V Sony Power supply for many cameras with 4pin 12V CONNECTOR

-     Hard case for the lens.