Vinten Vector 90 Fluid Head with Pan arms

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Used in excellent working condition. Loads up to 198Lb (98Kg)

It comes with pan arms and the wedge plate.

More from Vinten web site:

Features and benefits of your new Vector 90 The Vector 90 has been specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of camera operators working with portable studio, OB and EFP configured cameras. The Vector 90 offers a high level of control with many unique features.

• Suitable for a wide range of cameras, from 10-90 kg (22-198 lb) at 150 mm (6 in.) C of G and supplied with a wedge adaptor.

• The unique Perfect Balance system provides infinite adjustment, enabling you to achieve perfect camera balance throughout the tilt range, regardless of drag setting. • A retractable adjuster provides extensive camera fore and aft movement so that you can position the camera easily and perfectly.

• You can keep up with the action as it happens with the responsive LF Drag control. The LF drag system also allows you to pan extremely quickly or “whip pan” from one position to another, recovering instantly without any spring back.

• You can set up easily in low light conditions using the illuminated level bubble .

• Easy to carry, with an integral, fold-away handle.


Technical data:

Weight 15 kg (33 lb)

Height to wedge adaptor mounting face 24.8 cm (11.3 in.)

Length 22.5 cm (8.9 in.)

Width 34.2 cm (13.5 in.)

Typical payload 10-90 kg (22-198 lb)

Tilt range 45 kg payload to ±90°, 90kg

payload to ±60° Pan range 360°

Pedestal/tripod fixing Four-hole flat base `

Quickfix' adaptor Mitchell adaptor