Canon HJ22eX7.6B IRSE HD 2/3” eHDxs lens W/2X Extender and rear studio controls

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This is a used Canon HJ22eX7.6B IRSE HD 2/3” lens in very good cosmetic and working condition. It is made for 2/3” HD cameras with a B4 mount such as Sony PMW-500, HDC-1500, Panasonic AJ-HPX3700, AJ-HPX300 cameras. With the 2X extender engaged you will get 44X optical zoom.
 The lens is:
- Mechanically Perfect (the focus, zoom, and iris all move smoothly from end to end)
- Optically Excellent (there are no scratches/pits on the front or rear glass)
- Canon Drive Unit with display: 
   Mechanically Perfect
   Electronically Perfect
All pictures displayed are of the items being sold. The item includes a 30-Day warranty. 
-       Canon HJ22eX7.6B IRSE HD 2/3” zoom lens 
-       Electronic Zoom controller
        Canon Manual Focus rear control with Canon Focus module
-        Canon Lens hood 
-        Canon Rear cap
-        Canon front cap.