Angenieux T19x7.3BESM HD 2/3” Zoom Lens W/ Studio rear controls, 2X extender

Regular price $2,849.00

used Angenieux T19x7.3BESM HD lens in very good condition. It was made for HD Sony and Panasonic B4 mount cameras. The lens can be used on PDW-F900, PDW-F800, AG-HPX500, AG-HPX600, AJ-2700, AJ-3700, and various other cameras with B4 mounts. 
The lens typically retails for over $12,000. There is nothing on the front or rear glass that will affect the quality of the picture in any way. The lens is mechanically perfect (the focus, zoom, and iris all move smoothly from end to end).
With the rear controls included, this lens will be perfect for a small TV studio or sporting events.  It has a unique AIF (Assisted Internal Focus) that was first developed by Angenieux. The lens also has a zoom speed control and the quick zoom option.