Fujinon Sh66X7.3 box lens With JVC GY-HM700 HD SDI camera, rear controls, Sled

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This is a used professional camera system that comes with a Fujinon Sh66X7.3BESM SD Box lens with a 2X extender and a Full HD JVC HM700 camera. The JVC camera is slightly modified in a sense that the camera top handle can fit the Fujinon box lens. All of the controls on the camera are working just like before the modification. The lens comes with the manual Focus and servo Zoom back controls, with appropriate cables and handles. This system is complete and ready to be used at a church, university, or at a stadium. The lens is F/1.4 super fast, excellent in low light conditions and super sharp. You will hardly see any difference in the image quality between this SD and a HD box lens.

The glass very clean and free of scratches on bot ends. The camera itself works flawlessly with only 350 fan hours logged in. Since the camera has an SDI out port, it can be connected to an HD switcher for a livestream/recording with an Auto Iris control. If you need a manual Iris control, you will need a JVC Paint box connected to the camera.


-  JVC GY-HM700CHU 1080p HD SDI camera 

-  Fujinon Sh66X7.3 BESM 1/2” SD lens 

-  Fujinon ACM-12 1/2” to 1/3" lens adapter/converter

-  1X Fujinon ESM-51 servo zoom block

- 1X Second EMM-51 manual focus block

- 1X Fujinon ERD-71B Electronic Zoom and 2X extender control with zoom speed control 

-   1X Fujinon manual focus control with cable

-    Tripod plate 

-   Hard aluminum box for Sh66X lens.