Canon XJ86Xs 2/3” B4 box lens W/ Rear studio controls and sled

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Used in good condition Canon XJ86Xs Mark I 2/3” B4 box lens with 2X extender. The lens has a standard 2/3” B4 mount so it can be used with virtually any Sony or Panasonic 2/3” SD or HD camera. The lens is in good shape with perfectly clean and scratch/pits free optics on both sides and it's one of the fastest box lens available today with F/1.4. The zoom movement is smooth with no bumps while zooming in or out. This is Type I lens with  Image stabilization.
This system is complete and ready to be used at a church, university, or at a stadium.

The kit includes: 

- Canon XJ86Xs Mark I 2/3” B4 box lens 
- Canon Servo zoom demand with cable
- Manual focus demand with cable
- Canon ZDJ-D01 zoom servo
- Canon Manual focus module
- Lens sled for Sony or Panasonic cameras with 12pin cable.

This lens was used to broadcast sporting events on a national TV with Sony HD cameras, but it can also be used in other scenarios, such as at a church or university. The lens also comes equipped with a 2x extender for double magnification.

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