Sony PMW-EX1R Full HD XDCAM Camera With 64gb SXS card

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This Sony PMW-EX1R HD Camcorder is in very good condition with some light scuffs on the body from regular use. There are no dead pixels guaranteed. No scratches or pits on the glass. 
This camera replaced the EX1 version and added improvements in button action, USB connection placement, DVCAM recording, a new cache recording function and added an HDMI and SDI output which makes on-set monitoring MUCH easier. 
All components on this camera have been tested and are in perfect working order. 


-         Sony PMW-EX1-R HD Video Camera Recorder (NTSC/PAL switchable)
-          Sony 32GB SXS card Enough for 1+ hrs of recording in full HD 
-         Sony Brand Power adapter/charger
-        Sony BP-U60  battery  (It holds about 3 hrs of charge)
-         Lens Hood

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From Sony Web site:

Sony's PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX HD Camcorder is the impressive successor to the popular PMW-EX1. While retaining everything that was right about the previous camera, Sony has listened to its professional users and taken several steps forward, not only improving ergonomics and convenience, but bringing a whole new set of features to the world's only full HD compact camcorder.

Like its predecessor, the PMW-EX1R's core is its three 1/2"-type CMOS sensors and 14x Fujinon zoom lens. This heavyweight imaging combo captures full 1920 x 1080 hi-def images to solid state SxS PRO memory cards at multiple bit rates, resolutions and frame rates. Whether you're shooting weddings, documentaries or feature films, there's a frame rate and resolution for you--from 60fps and native 23.98p recording at 720p, to 1fps at 1080i.

But along with its already proven imaging abilities and professional workflow, the PMW-EX1R expands its usability by offering DVCAM SD recording, XDCAM HD compatibility, and HDMI output. That means no more time-consuming downconverting or transcoding to work in different formats or with different recording and playback devices. Other new features add even more convenience and flexibility, including a high-resolution 1.23MP viewfinder, Cache Record, one-click S&Q button, auto iris, and even image inversion for flipping the image while shooting with a 35mm adapter. Make no mistake: the Sony PMW-EX1R is the first HD compact camcorder that truly does have it all.

Three 1/2"-Type Exmor CMOS Sensors
The PMW-EX1R is equipped with three newly developed 1/2"-type Exmor CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), which delivers excellent picture performance with full HD resolution. This 1/2"-type image sensor, using Sony's advanced accumulated sensor technologies, allows the camcorder to provide an excellent sensitivity of F10, a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB, and a high horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines (in 1920 x 1080/59.94i mode). In addition, this large 1/2"-type image sensor can capture images with a shallower depth of field than smaller-size image sensors, giving users more creative freedom of expression. What's more, the Exmor CMOS sensor's unique design deploys an A/D converter to each column of pixels, resulting in a much lower clock speed than conventional CMOS sensors. This makes it possible to greatly reduce power consumption of the camcorder and extend battery life.
1920 x 1080 HD Recording Using the "MPEG-2 Long GOP" Codec
The PMW-EX1R records 1920 x 1080 full HD images using the "MPEG-2 Long GOP" codec, which conforms to the MPEG-2 MP@HL compression standard. "MPEG-2 Long GOP" is a mature codec--also adopted by the XDCAM HD and HDV 1080i series of products--which enables users to record stunning HD video and audio with highly efficient, reliable data compression.
New IR Remote Control On Rear
The PMW-EX1R has a new IR remote control receptor on the rear of its handle. This allows the user to control the PMW-EX1R with a Remote Commander both from the front and rear of the camcorder.
Additional Aspect Markers For Cinematic Operation
The PMW-EX1R benefits from the addition of several new aspect markers such as 1.66:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, and 2.4:1 for more convenient cinematic operation.
Other Features
  • Built-in ND filter wheel: 1: Clear, 2: 1/8ND, 3: 1/64ND
  • Selectable gain: -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 dB
  • High-speed picture search: x4, x15 
  • Freeze Mix function 
  • Skin-tone Detail control
  • Low-key saturation