Canon XJ75X9.3B IS 2/3" B4 HD box lens W Rear controls, sled & hard case

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This auction is for a used but well-maintained Canon XJ75x9.3B Digi Super xs lens, with a Type I image stabilizer. The lens features a standard 2/3” B4 mount, making it compatible with virtually any Sony, Panasonic, Grass Valley, or Black Magic URSA Broadcast 2/3” HD or 4K camera. The lens is in very good shape, with clean, scratch-free, and pit-free optics on both sides. It stands out as one of the fastest box lenses currently available, with an aperture of F/1.7, surpassing most other box lenses which typically offer F/1.8 or F/2.0.

The lens has undergone thorough testing on various Sony, Panasonic, and Black Magic cameras, and no issues were found. The zoom/focus movement operates smoothly without any jumps. You won't find the 75x HD lens with an image stabilizer online for less than $35K anywhere else. So, this is your opportunity to own one for less than $25K.

The kit includes:

  • Canon Digi Super 75Xs HD box lens with 2X extender and Image stabilizer
  • Canon brand manual focus demand with cable
  • Canon Digital Servo zoom demand ZDJ-H01 with Cable
  • Canon SMJ-D01 Digital Servo zoom block
  • Canon FMJ-451 manual focus block
  • Lens supporter sled (compatible with both Canon and Fujinon lenses)
  • Hard Pelican case for the lens only

This lens was originally used to broadcast sporting events on national TV with Sony HD cameras. However, its versatility allows it to be used in other environments such as churches, universities, concerts, or live-stream events. The lens also comes equipped with a 2x extender for double magnification.

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