100% guaranteed authentic Sennheiser MKH 8060 Professional Microphone

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This preowned MKH8060 Sennheiser short shotgun microphone is in good condition, with some scuffs from microphone holder in the paint close to the base. Nothing that will affect the functionality in any way. It comes with its original Sennheiser windscreen and mic holder. The microphone has been tested with a Sound Devices mixer, and it sounds just like a new MKH8060 microphone. All pictures displayed are of the items being sold. The item includes a 30-day warranty. 
This one is a 100% guaranteed authentic Sennheiser product. 
-         Sennhiser MKH 8060 Shot Gun microphone (with MZX module)
-         Sennheiser windscreen
-         Sennheiser microphone holder